ICSS Workshop on Bionanoscience

Invited Speakers:

  • Alexander Bittner, CIC Nanogune, Spain
    Nanoscale Wetting of Plant Viruses
  • Mingdong Dong, Aarhus University, Denmark
    Multiparametric Biomolecular Imaging by Dynamic Quantitative Nanomechanical Microscopy
  • David J. Evans, University of Hull, United Kingdom
    A plant virus for applications in nanoscience
  • Hiroshi Handa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    Medical application of functionalized SV40 virus-like particles
  • Masa Hara, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    Something New in Fusion of Nano-, Bio- and Information Technology
  • Jonathan Heddle, RIKEN, Japan
    A Semi-Synthetic Biology approach to Designed,  Self-Assembled Nano-Structures
  • Ippei Inoue, Ajinotomo Corporation, Japan
    Bio-assisted nano-construction of dye-sensitized solar cell electrodes
  • Yoshihiro Ito, RIKEN, Japan
    Molecular evolutionary engineering for creation of functional pepetides
  • Akira Kakugo, Hokkaido University, Japan
    Roles of internal and external factors in active self-organization of biomolecular motors
  • Akinori Kuzuya, Kansai University, Japan
    Nanomechanical DNA origami devices as single-molecular sensors
  • Masakazu Nakamura, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
    Realization of “phonon-blocking and electron-transporting”  nano-composites: novel thermoelectric materials using cage-shaped proteins with semiconductor cores
  • Sung Ha Park, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
    Physical and Biological Applications of Self-assembled DNA Nanostructures
  • Stella W. Pang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    Density Packed Neural Probes and Plasmonic Biosensors for Precise Detection of Neural Signals and Cells
  • Sachin Shah, Riken, Heddle Initiative Research Unit, Japan
    Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) derived metallic nanoscale composite materials
  • Ichiro Yamashita, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
    Active bio filed: nanofabrication by protein supramolecules in the vicinity of the solid surface




Workshop Chair:

  • Jonathan Heddle, RIKEN, Japan
Operating Organization

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China